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Recommended Books

These are books I have read and profited from, that folks on a similar path might also appreciate reading.

Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings
by Lynn Grabhorn

Read the first pages at AMAZON.COM

This book travels a full step up from using affirmations; the author posits here that your feelings are actually the center point from which your life experience is formed day by day.  Not only is fostering positive thoughts and feelings a good idea, "it's the law!"  In other words, it is the law of life that you draw to yourself the kind of experience that your vibrations (feelings) reflect predominantly.  If you are grouching around blaming the world for your woes, you will just get more to grouse about, and vice versa if you are cheerful and confident that things are working out well--they will!  Learn more about how to direct your life down a way happier road with this excellent tool.  (It works for me, when I have the self-discipline to practice it!)
The Healing Power of Stories: Creating Yourself through the Stories of Your Life
by Daniel Taylor

Read about it at AMAZON.COM

Patricia Monaghan, in her Booklist review, says of this work, "This warm, approachable book examines how our personal narratives color our interpretation of the world and our place within it. Taylor has a spiritual, even religious intent: "To name and embrace your stories is to accept your God-given freedom." Stories, he argues, teach us how to live responsibly and how to understand others..... Once he has established the importance of narrative, Taylor moves to the real meat of his book: how to heal stories that are broken, plots that are wounded and wounding. What follows might have been just another serving of self-help advice, but instead, Taylor soars, challenging us to examine our stories not only in terms of their personal utility but for evidence of healthy or diseased community relations."  (As quoted at the Amazon site at the link above.)