Becky's Bones Book:
Learning to Play the Bones with Becky Cleland

If you've ever wanted to learn
how to play bones, this book's for you!

Written with sensitivity and humor, Becky Cleland's effective step-by-step technique for playing this traditional percussion instrument is direct and simple, with large, clear photos placed opposite easily understandable instructions. Contents include the how-to's for holding the bones, learning the basic movements for getting a good sound from the bones, playing triplets, and proper etiquette for playing bones.14 pages.

"[Becky's Bones Book] is really great!! It is just perfect! Easy to read and understand, and it explains how to play the bones very well.  I am impressed. I have seen several 'how to play the bones' books, and in my opinion yours does the job better than I have seen before." 
                                 -- Martha Cowett

For more information, email Becky at

Becky's Bones Book
Bones by the pair:
Bones of bone..........$25.00
Bones of wood..........inquire
(types available and prices vary)

Plus Shipping $3.50

To order: Use PayPal to send appropriate amount
or send a check or money order to:

Becky Cleland  
2142 Coxe Road  
Tryon, NC  28782-7773

Updated June 29, 2017

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