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Ben Seymour, Luthier
2142 Coxe Rd., Tryon, NC 28782-7773
(828) 863-4384  kudzupatch@gmail.com

Updated July 9, 2017

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The following are statements of purchasers of Kudzu Patch Productions instruments, posted here with their permission:
Kudzu Patch Dulcimer Owners
Pleiades dulcimer
Pleiades dulcimer
Tina Pond says of her Pleiades dulcimer: "Ben, I have had a little more time today to play my new dulcimer. Wow! I love its "voice"...and it has great sustain. Each new note or chord blends into the old one. It is like those cathedrals in Europe where the voices of the choir linger in the air after the singers have stopped singing. And your wood choice and inlays and astral features make your dulcimer #010 "heavenly". I know that I already wrote to you about how much I like the dulcimer, but I just wanted to say it again. I could not have wished for a better dulcimer!"
Galax Owners
   Steve Eulberg says of his Galax: "The ringing tones of the drones are light and airy, the North Carolina Sycamore is soft and sweet, the reverse capo is just a hoot--and without re-tuning I can easily play in 4 different modes ... & with the 6-1/2 I can also play E and A... And I like the extended fretboard that lets me get those good high notes! The false bottom gives more volume... I'm itching to sit down with some fiddlers and trade some tunes!  I am a very pleased customer, brother."
Greg Gunner, owner of multiple Kudzu Patch instruments, says, "The Gaskins/Melton Dulcimer arrived safely today... It is a real beauty. The consistent high quality of your instruments continues to amaze me. It has a wonderful 'swarm of bees' sound that makes Galax-style dulcimers so unique, and the workmanship is top-notch."
   Lisa Johnson reports, "My new graceful and beautiful cherry Galax dulcimer performed outstandingly at a big Old Time music gathering recently... Not only could I hear myself... others could hear my notes ... [and] complimented the rich tone of my new instrument... The height of the instrument, the hollow fretboard, and the 'false back'... contribute to producing a clear and beautiful tone... Despite its power and sturdy build, it plays like silk... ."
Sean Ruprecht-Belt says of his Galax: "It's beautiful. I couldn't be happier. The workmanship is great, the wood itself is very pretty and will only get prettier and gain more character with age. It's amazingly comfortable to play, and the sound is exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks so much for this beautiful work of art."
Carolyn Stewart Galax Carolyn Stewart said of her new Kudzu Patch Galax dulcimer: "...it is GORGEOUS! ÖWorth the wait - thank you so much. I have wanted a Galax dulcimer for years - now I have one. The craftsmanship is magnificent - it is perfect. I love it."
Scheitholt Owners
Greg Gunner reports: "It's a beautiful instrument, and it sounds just great.  I couldn't be any happier with it than I already am.  Thanks again."  (May 2004)
     Greg Gunner says of his Mercer Museum Reproduction Scheitholt: "The replica of Mercer Museum scheitholt #13423 has arrived safe and sound.  It looks and sounds fantastic.  No longer is the scheitholt of the early Mennonites limited to a few museum specimens. The Mennonite craftsmen of the 18th and 19th centuries would be amazed that someone in the 21st century is producing such fine replicas of their work.  I can now sit and play the handful of Pennsylvania German hymns and secular tunes that I  tabbed out while awaiting its construction. The scheitholt is alive and well.  Hopefully, others will see this scheitholt pictured on your website and order their own.  They won't be disappointed."
     Walter Nelson says: "Ben, got my instrument today--it is a work of art and sounds great too!!!!"

Other Instrument Owners
Nick O'Sullivan emoted of his custom dulcimer-epinette hybrid: "It's stunning!!!!! Dulcimer arrived today and itís worthy of a wow. Great sound, easy to play, and doesnít look half bad either. Thanks for all the work you put into the design and build - itís exactly what I wanted."... "Played it a good bit this weekend Ė it really is a joy. The setup is nigh perfect; in fact itís identical to my favourite guitar."
  John Michael Greer reports: "The monochord arrived yesterday afternoon.  What can I say? It's wonderful--a first-rate research tool and a fine musical instrument all in one. Beautiful tone, beautiful workmanship, and an exact fit to the details I needed. Many, many thanks for crafting this instrument of another age." 
    Will Hogwild says of his custom ukulele: "The uke is great! The tone is superb. The experiments I chose and which you executed have succeeded perfectly. I was astounded when I was playing a piece that arpeggioed to the 20th fret (super high C) at the coda...and this instrument's intonation was still precise and beautifully clear. So, the long neck and bright fetching tone are truly resounding successes. The radiusing of the fingerboard also does very well. Unlike the conventional flat fingerboards I can now make an A w/ one finger and anything higher w/ two on this model; more possibilities for me now for sure. ...Thank you very very much. It was worth the wait! You have done well by me. Thank you."

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