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Ben Seymour, Luthier
2142 Coxe Rd., Tryon, NC 28782-7773
(828) 863-4384  kudzupatch@gmail.com
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Updated June 28, 2017

Ben has built two guitars, both of exceptional quality.

Ben's First Guitar: The "KP-18" Cat Piggott's Guitar
KP-18 Dreadnought front  KP-18 Dreadnought back
KP-18 Dreadnought tuning head  KP-18 Dreadnought arm rest
Cat Piggott's guitar, made by Ben Seymour   Cat Piggott's guitar, made by Ben Seymour   Cat Piggott's guitar, made by Ben Seymour   Cat Piggott's guitar, made by Ben Seymour
Cat Piggott's guitar, made by Ben Seymour
This first guitar was built several years ago in a class led by Gerald Anderson, star pupil of Wayne Henderson, revered maker of exquisite guitars. A well-known bluegrass guitarist at a music festival played this first guitar, and told Ben that it sounded and played like a 1940's era Martin -- high praise indeed. The little dragon tattoo near the arm rest covers a "pitch pocket," a slight defect which can appear during the last sanding of the wood surface. Ben likes dragons, so he covered it up with this little guy. Cat said of Ben's gift "... I've never played a guitar like it. It feels like it's strung with magic strings. ... It is as if it were literally made for my finger size, it feels so natural and easy, probably easier than any guitar I've played outside of the first guitar, which, as it happens, the Luthier of this guitar chose for me, forty years ago. The percussive qualities are... Superb. The dynamics... I just can't get over how you can go from such a large sound to dulcet at a touch, so amazing. ...The TONE. Oh my god, it's warm, it's rich, it's percussive (which I adore), it's streets ahead of anything I have ever played, even more so than the iconic first guitar ... Finally, I cannot stop looking at the wood. It is unique, beautiful, so, so beautiful... He has spent hours and hours and hours with this labour of love, and the love makes the voice of this guitar what it is. I'm so in love, I could just do nothing but play play play play play. I'm so happy.